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CentOS Stream (testing)

After downloading this CentOS boot iso (~740MB) file instead of the full-blown (~4.1GB) from CentOS website on windows 10, I've decided to install CentOS Stream inside VMPlayer instead of Virtualbox. Installing main stream flavors of linux on either Hypervisor client software would be perfectly fine. Many of the linux distros will work inside either software.

BTW: Kubuntu, Xubuntu and Manjaro are working Great inside VMPlayer. There is one unique linux distribution where i wish i could use on a daily basis due to its sheer GUI using the Pantheon GUI Engine. This is elementary linux. Please support and donate to many of these wonderful linux opensource communities. 🙂

-- 8096 MB RAM
-- 20 GB HD
-- 2 CPUs

Installation Process:
After realizing i had installed CentOS v8 on a laptop before end of October 2020. This CentOS version 8 was no longer able to be downloaded and was replaced with this new version of the fedora like CentOS Stream which will get upgraded every 6 - 8 months unlike the previous CentOS version 8. The installation process was extremely similar to CentOS version 8 and 7. The only one section which differed from previous versions were the section to insert a link for the installation source location which is a repo of packages. This time, CentOS install force users to manually enter this URL

One can also add additional repository onto their CentOS server. I could never seem to remember this added on magical repo for all Redhat like OS. These two repos were the two i've used when i was in the IT industry on the Redhat like OSes.

After choosing a few server packages and it was off to download and installation process. At the end of this process after a reboot. You would then add your user(s) to this newly deployed system. Super easy to get this up and running on VMPlayer workstation.

Instructions on how to install CentOS stream if you want to use it as a Guide.

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