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Install IntelliJ on Ubuntu 16.04

first, download and utilize IntelliJ IDE for all Java development. we assumed that you've already installed a favor of ubuntu onto a desktop/laptop device. We are using a small version of Kubuntu, which is xubuntu . It is supported until sometime 2020 just like all the other *buntu favor of linux distributions.

  1. download:
  2. select the community version
    1. the enterprise version is highly robust and suits for professional Java developers, but its only for 30 days for everyone else unless you plan to fork out funds for this enterprise version or that  you have a  college/university email address.
  3. We saved it onto Download folder.
  4. cd Downloads
  5. cp ideaIC-2016.1.2b.tar.gz ..
  6. tar xzvf ideaIC-2016.1.2b.tar.gz
  7. cd idea-IC-145.972.3
  8. ./bin/ &
  9. Follow the intstructions on the menu and go from there. Choose Dracula theme, its KOOOOOOOL.
  10. There is an issue with iBUS not being kool with something, do this onto your .bashrc file
    1. vim .bashrc
    2. export IBUS_ENABLE_SYNC_MODE=1
    3. source .bashrc


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