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Generate GPG key

Often time, I found myself needing to use a more sophisticated method in signing a document for sharing. It is this notion where we could use PGP developed by Phil Zimmermann or the Opensource version referred to as GPG. We will demonstrate how to create a simple GPG key and how to delete it in your keychain. Again, we will be using a Linux distro called Rocky to demonstrate this task. On a vanilla minimalistic version of rocky Linux. One would need to install one software before generating your GPG key.

sudo dnf install pinentry
Gen GPG key

The next part will be confirming that we've made such key locally.

GPG list-keys

Finally, removing your public/private keys arent difficult, there are two commands to execute before removing your public and private key from your local keyring.

gpg --delete-secret-key AA1A53D25DFAAE879DE28BFDBD4432D34D059D29
gpg --delete-key AA1A53D25DFAAE879DE28BFDBD4432D34D059D29

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