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Packaging Python w/MSIX After Compiling from Source on Windows 11

Continuing after we've compiled Python on Windows 11 from source code, we would then need to package this using the MSIX package manager tool to build and installer. Thankfully, the Python source code will include such tools for us to build our custom package by using the build script provided to us in the following location.

Python Package Build Location

We can then Follow some basic instructions to compile additional source code and find out how to build this installer package by executing the build.bat file.

Package builder Script

Now we have learned how to use this build.bat file, we can issue this command along with three parameters to build this deliverable package for the masses.

Building Documentations, where there might be some warnings or errors

Building Documentations.

Done building Package w/Warning

The Final Phrase will be to check whether we have 100% completed this package Building Phrase using this build.bat tool provided to us from

the final Image will be the location for us to find this Python Installer package. It is not the Installer package from since their version is digitally signed and verified.

Our Custom version of Python v3.9.11-7750


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